Responsibility at Glassworks.

Our mission statement.

Living on this planet means that we all have the responsibility to keep our Earth and our co-habitants out of threat. At Glassworks London, we take pride in striving to protect the finite resources and biodiversity of this natural world, as well as uptaking the social responsibility of running a business.

Providing you with long-lasting quality clothing with small-batches of limited-edition drops is our passion, but our duty is to make sure that they are minimally detrimental to the environment and its biodiversity. This starts with our material sourcing, the transparency of our smart, simple supply chain, and also the education of our employees. We consider the product life cycle, the different processes involved in making each garment, as well as everything else in between, including transportation, packaging and operations. We are also committed to building a diverse and inclusive workforce welcoming people from all walks of life with access to equal opportunities.

The journey to sustainability is one we are excited to continue, and we recognise the improvements that we need to make and are actively working towards them. Unified through our common ethos, we are working in line with the 2025 UN Sustainable Development Goals, as well as working towards B-Corp status.

Fashion is inherently unsustainable, but it is also illegal to leave the house naked.

Our future.

Goals for 2023.

01. Issuing our mission statement and sharing it with the public.

02. Becoming carbon neutral.

03. Publishing our existing material breakdown and fabric tier system.

Coming soon.

Beyond 2023.

01. Set fabric targets for our existing and future collections.

02. Work towards our B Corp certification.