Our processes.

Water and energy.

Water usage & energy

Stores and offices.

Only two of our three stores use water. We keep our water usage across stores and offices minimal through low-flow fixtures in our taps and toilets.

As part of our commitment to more conscious workspaces, we switched energy providers to Octopus Energy to join their renewable energy programme.

We support remote roles when possible and offer an employee sustainability training to ensure employees understand the individual and collective changes we can make to be more sustainably responsible.

Water usage & energy


Finding suppliers that align with our ethos and understand the importance of doing better both socially and environmentally is part of our mission. We regularly work with multiple independent, small suppliers which has made tracking difficult at times.

Thorough tracking of our suppliers is an area we are committed to improve as part of our B Corp journey. Our goal is to be able to share accurate and detailed information on our suppliers water and energy usage.

In the meantime, we are choosing to invest in energy and water initiatives until we gain more control over this area of our business.

We don't want perfection to get in the way of progress.

Waste Management

Production & suppliers


Korea is a world-leading country for waste management policies.

The country aims to establish a circular economy for plastics and reduce plastic waste by 50% by 2023 with the Resource Circulation Act.

Through the Low Carbon Green Growth Act, businesses are encouraged to adopt environmental management systems to efficiently use resources and reduce GHG emissions.

Korea plans to phase out products that are difficult to recycle and has set a net zero target for 2050.

Retail & Ecommerce

Stores & Offices

We have three London stores and two ecommerce fulfilment centers, one in London and a recently launched US center which allows us to ship domestically in the US.

All of our locations have recycling and general waste bins with clear labelling and we use First Mile recycling service in London.

We offer an in-store pick up service for local customers shopping online as well as the option to return and exchange online orders in any of our London stores to avoid shipping-related emissions.

We're committed to phasing out all plastic from our packaging and have switched to recyclable options for most of our packaging.

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