New Year, Shop Better

The new year is finally here and one of our most important resolutions for 2023 is to continue improving and championing a sustainable approach to fashion. If you're excited to make 2023 your most sustainable year yet, join us in our journey to find better materials, better processes and overall better shopping.

To kickstart the year right, we've rounded up some of our favourite sustainable fabrics. From yarn made our of wool pulp to recycled cotton, scroll down to learn more about these materials. And even better, get to know the most sustainable pieces from our collection to add to your wardrobe this year.

Charcoal soft belted trousers
Red and pink striped alpaca wool blend cardigan
Burgundy vegan leather short jacket
Light blue recycled cotton denim skirt

Fabrics To Love in 2023

Ivory frill large collar balloon sleeve blouse


Tencel is a branded name for Lyocell but is ultimately the same fabric. It originates from wood pulp from sustainable tree plantations of eucalyptus or bamboo. Tencel is processed using a closed loop system, meaning that all the water and necessary chemicals used are captured and reused again. For this reason, its incredibly soft feel and breathable quality, Tencel is our favourite sustainable material this year. 

Alpaca Wool

Alpaca fiber is a natural fiber harvested from alpacas and is a hypoallergenic alternative to sheep's wool due to its lack of lanolin. A single alpaca produces enough wool to create 4 – 5 jumpers and the species require less food and water per kilo compared to sheep and goats. Alpaca wool does not have a lanolin coating meaning that less energy and water is required to process the material into textiles.

Pink and black striped alpaca-wool blend sweater vest
Beige vegan leather belted jacket

Vegan Leather

A single cow emits between 70 – 120 kg of methane and over 1 billion cows are killed to provide for the meat and leather industry every year. Processing leather involves chemicals like chromium which are toxic to humans if absorbed. Good quality vegan leather is a good alternative to incorporate this timeless material to your wardrobe with a lighter impact on the environment. 

Recycled Cotton

Cotton is a dominant natural fibre in the textile industry but it requires vast amounts of water to cultivate which has caused draughts and desertification issues. We carried out research to look at ways of reducing our cotton range in our collections and started incorporating recycled cotton blends. We're committed to continue improving our range of more sustainable cotton in 2023.

Light blue recycled cotton slit hem jeans

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